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The Spirit Bio

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I’ve been dabbling in crystals and oracle cards since I was in junior high and unbeknownst to me, my fascination for all things  witchy and “new age” (as it was called at the time) was indicative of my mission. However, my full-on spiritual awakening didn’t come until I developed Graves Disease many years later.  Despite receiving numerous messages, and feeling connected to nature and the Universe, I remained in fear and ended up choosing the blue pill. I resisted the nudging of my guides to walk the spiritual path and admit this was a part of my life’s work. 


Fast forward almost 2 decades later and I have fully stepped into my role as a Lightworker. In the midst of this current undeniable shift in the collective consciousness, we are creating a New Earth; one of harmony, abundance and, Oneness. However, with this transformation comes chaos, uncertainty, and resistance. During these tumultuous times, it’s imperative to keep our vibrations high and to fully embrace our Power. To help make that a reality, we must be the change we want to see. So peace, abundance, and balance must start with us. 


I've been guided by my starseed, African, Indigineous, and Celtic lineages to help others through the study of Reiki, crystal energy healing, chakras, IET, herbalism, color therapy, essential oils, astrology, numerology, drum journeying, and nutrition. These tools, along with my gifts, allow me to to help others balance their energies and create more harmony in our lives


While I do believe healing can occur as a result of our sessions, I don’t like the word healer.

I like to think of myself as more of a facilitator of healing because ultimately you have the power

to heal yourself.  I use my gifts and training to help your body and energy field achieve a

state of calm, which is the groundwork for stepping into your Power. So if you are in need of some balancing, peace, clarity, and/or harmony, I’m at your service.  


I’m based out of the New York City and Boston markets but can work with you remotely.

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