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Energy Healing

The Law of vibration states that anything that exists in our universe, exists as a vibrational frequency or pattern.

You, including your thoughts and feelings, are included in that "everything". Therefore, your life is a direct reflection of the energy that you are emanating. So a good question to ask is "What kind of vibes am I giving off?"  


A key to getting familiar with your own energetic vibration is Chakras which are energy centers in the body that have mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual correspondences.  When something is off in your life in one of those aspects, the chakras can tell the story.


Using the high-frequency power of crystals, Reiki, or IET (Integrative Energy Therapy)**, along with my intuitive abilities, we'll set out to rebalance those areas to help you feel more in harmony and achieve an overall sense of wellbeing.

You'll leave with a personalized prescription to help you continue to work on the imbalances that will help you eventually radiate high vibrations and achieve your goals.


Energy Healing  (Reiki, CEH, or IET) 

(Sliding Scale Rates)

1 Hour

In-person $122-144

Online $99-111

2-4-U Package

Any two modalities 

1.5 Hours

In-Person $155-175

Online $122-144


3-4-THEE Package*

All three modalities

2 Hours

In-Person $187-222


Package Includes:

Oracle card reading

Personalized Prescription 

*Add a mini Tarot Reading the 3-4-Thee package for an additional $30

** Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) is an energetic healing modality that works with the body's meridian points and the energy of Archangels to help get the "issues out of the tissues." Stagnant energy is released allowing clients to feel lighter and more aligned.

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