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Wellness Coaching

Let’s be honest, there is way too much info out there on how to get and stay healthy.  However, I believe that there is no one diet (I don't even like that word) that works for everyone.  My health coaching plans are individualized taking into consideration various aspects of your lifestyle including, eating habits, stress levels, and exercise, among others.

We'll meet weekly to monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments.  You'll begin to feel lighter, have more energy, and will gain more confidence as you move through the world.


Reach out to discuss how a holistic wellness plan can help you.


I offer a free consultation and the following packages:

$150 per session and can meet as often as 1x per week.

$600 for 5 sessions in total

$1350 for 10 sessions in total. 



Your BMI calculation, 

A daily caloric recommendation, 

Nutritional recommendations,

Weekly coaching

Current diet evaluation

Identifying your overeating triggers

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