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Helping You Get Unstuck

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Crystals, Chakras, and Cards. Oh my! 

I’m Suncear and thank you for visiting my site. I’m an Intuitive Energy Healing Practitioner and that basically means I combine my intuitive abilities with my trainings in the healing modalities of Reiki, Crystal Energy Healing, Sekhem, Holistic Health Coaching, Sound Healing, and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) to provide you with an experience unique to you. Through these practices, I’m able to help identify any stagnant or unbalanced energies you may be unconsciously carrying around that are preventing you from living freely and  in your purpose. 

I’m a confessed wellness and spiritual junkie and by combining my love of both, my goal is to help you achieve “energetic wellness” throughout your mind, body and spirit. 


I look forward to working with you.🌞

Sunseaair Wellness offers in-person IET, Sekhem and Reiki in Boston and NYC and from anywhere online. 


Feeling Stuck? 

I specialize in helping you discover what’s holding you back and provide a personalized plan to help you move forward.

Take the quiz to get started and see how  I can help you on your journey

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Crystal Ball

Energy Balancing

Using the high-frequency power of  Reiki and Sekhem* along with my intuitive abilities, we'll set out to rebalance energies to help you feel more in harmony with your life path and achieve an overall sense of wellbeing.


Natal Astrology readings are tools I use to help illuminate the path for folks seeing guidance along their spiritual journey. 

Tarot Reading

Here I use my intuitive ability to interpret the tarot and or oracle cards to help bring clarity and insight to a current issue. 

Divine Blueprint Activation

If you have been feeling stuck and wanting more support in discovering ans harnassing your gifts or clarity around your soul purpose, this 5-week program is for you. 

My Offerings

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Alison K

Leah G

Veronica P

I had a great experience with Suncear. I was blown away by how much synergy we had during our session, even while doing it online. I booked with her knowing that I would need some spiritual support during a difficult time. I can honestly say that it helped. I can’t wait to set up my next session.

My first {energy healing} experience has been life changing for me. As someone experiencing a life altering transition, working with Suncear was the best decision for me. She provided me with her undivided attention, honesty, and knowledge that helped me through the session. As it being my first Chakra Cleaning, I could not recommend her enough for anyone seeking to turn a new corner in their life.

I had such a great reiki session with Suncear. Her energy is great, and she really took the time to do a great session. She was spot on with so many things, and I walked away with much more clarity. She even sent a wonderful recap to me afterwards with actionable things for me to learn about and explore. I am so glad that I met her, and I'm looking forward to future sessions!

“Everything in life is vibration.”  






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