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What We Offer


Holistic Health Coaching

Let’s be honest, there is way too much info out there on how to get and stay healthy.  However, I believe that there is no one diet (I don't even like that word) that works for everyone.  My health coaching plans are individualized taking into consideration various aspects of your lifestyle including, eating habits, stress levels, and exercise, among others.

We'll meet weekly to monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments.  You'll begin to feel lighter, have more energy, and will gain more confidence as you move through the world.

Reach out to discuss how a holistic wellness plan can help you.


Energy Healing/ Chakra Balancing

Everything is energy. If you don't believe me ask Einstein since that's what his whole E=mc2 is all about. So if all matter is energy, then so are we. Therefore, your life is a direct reflection of the energy that you are emanating.

A key to getting familiar with your own energetic vibration are Chakras which are energy centers in the body that have mental physical, emotional, and spiritual correspondences.  When something is off in your life in one in those aspects, the chakras can tell the story.

Using the high-frequency power of crystals, we'll set out to rebalance those areas to help you achieve an overall sense of wellbeing. You'll leave with a personalized prescription to help you continue to work on the imbalances that will help you eventually radiate high vibrations and achieve your goals.

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