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Image by Irina Iacob

Working with Suncear has been life-changing. Her constant support and effective coaching have been invaluable to my wellness journey.

~Kim H

Suncear's touch was gentle and strong at the same time, bringing me comfort and peace. I have had a reiki session but it was nothing compared to what she was able to bring up and point out.  I felt a strong energy during the session and the use of crystals amplified the intensity of the treatment. I would definitely recommend Suncear to anyone in need of a deep healing. 

~ Carine C


Suncear's understanding of crystal healing and chakra work is phenomenal. She gives insight and thoughtfulness to the healing process and guides you through the chakras that need attention. She creates a safe space and is in tune with the dynamics of energy healing. 

~ Foluke D

Wow! Suncear's moon circle was enlightening and helped me to center my thoughts and dig deep into my inner spirit.  I'm walking away knowing that I need less-distractions and more love

~ Heather G


Reiki healing is such a large part of my life and I love to work with other practitioners to experience different variations of this beautiful technique. Suncear is one of the few practitioners that I trust to work with I would highly recommend Suncear for both beginner and experienced practitioners.

~ Malorine M

My energy healing session went beautifully, and I was given more insightful information and takeaways that would benefit me [along] my journey. I highly recommend working with Suncear if you're seeking a conscious and attentive wellness pro. 

~ Janel M


Suncear's moon circle is wonderful. I feel held and like we're all holding hands. I've been guided by shamans in the past and she guides like they do. I'm thankful for her being called to guide and to have called me into the circle. 

~ Feather H 

Dear Suncear/Seer, thanks you for such a rich, vibrant, and fascinating session! You are so gifted and I feel blessed to have worked with you on a difficult day. 

~ Rita R

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