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This is the Goddess of all chakras because this one shares aspects with all the others. Trusting your institution, having a strong sense of self worth, embracing your inner Goddess, connecting to your creativity, passion, joy, and the inner child all reside here. If you're looking for a good place to start and feel an overall misalignment, this is a good kit to start with. 

Sacral Chakra Kit

Price Options
One-time purchase
Chakra Kit Series
Save 25% on the starter kit to balancing your energies.
$25.00every month for 7 months
    • Reiki-infused Vibe Spray - the sensual aroma of jasmine, the sweetness of sandalwood and a hint of chi-stimulating lime make up this fragrance.  (2oz)
    • Orange candle
    • Orange carnelian
    • An oracle card and explanation (There is a different card in every box)

    ADDED VALUE ITEM: In this tea mix, calming damiana is blended with the light, feminine herbs of red raspberry, yarrow, and Jasmine.* (2oz)


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