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August Forecast Business Astrology Forecast

2 full moons and 6 retrograde planets means August will be a month of reflection and releasing. Let’s get the August business astrology forecast on!

August 1st full moon Aquarius

Aquarius brings the quirky vibe to the party so it’s time to celebrate your uniqueness. What are the unique value propositions that your biz offers? Aquarius energy is also about techy stuff so take stock of tech systems you have in place and to see if they have been beneficial. Maybe it’s time to incorporate some AI options into your plan. (I’m not a huge fan of AI but it does help cut down work time)

August 8 - Lions Gate Portal

The Lions Gate Portal is a time of abundance and empowerment. Through harnessing the high vibrational energies of this cosmic moment, we can prepare ourselves for more abundance and empowerment. Read more about it HERE.

The number 8 is related to abundance, balance and personal power. It represents the balance of the material and spiritual world and the interconnectedness of the flow of energy. So the advice here would be to be open to receiving the downloads that are for your business’ highest good. Be mindful of the repeated messages and imagery you may be receiving at this time.

August 13: Sun Conjunct Venus – Venus Starpoint

Venus is in the building big time this month. Its energy is pushing us to check in with what makes you feel good; To align with and embody the vision you have for yourself as it pertains to your business. Are you carrying yourself as a successful entrepreneur or are you operating in imposter syndrome? Try walking around for one day as the version of yourself you are aspiring to. It will help attract the things you value. Again, we’re being called to embrace our unique talents and gifts.

August 16th New Moon in Leo

I mentioned last month with Mercury moving into Leo that we should start shouting out our accomplishments with testimonials and so on. Well, I echo that with this placement along with setting intentions for getting more creative and adding elements of play to your marketing strategy. Maybe you can add humor to your social posts or schedule them from the beach. 😎

August 23rd Virgo Season and Mercury Retrograde

Fall, the season of buckling down is approaching, so take some time to clean up your schedule and get your business affairs in order. Start creating a routine that is going to help you get things accomplished in Q4 - especially if you sell products and the holiday season is a big time for you.

August 27 Mars enters Libra

Watch out for Issues with partnerships or co-workers especially with Mercury being in Leo we are encouraged to stand up for ourselves but to also do it with grace and without the drama. You may also find yourself passionate about issues. Is there a cause that you can incorporate into your business?

August 28 Uranus Retrograde

Innovative ways of generating revenue could be on the way. Keep your mind open to ways you may have never even thought of. Maybe it's time to ask for the loan or apply for a grant.

August 30th Full Moon in Pisces

This aspect encourages us to release the fantasies and daydreams you have around the biz. It’s okay to dream big but you’ll need to apply some Virgo pragmatism to the mix.

That's wraps up this month's report. See you in September (my 2nd fav month) .

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