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No, I Don't Want To Work

This entry is going to sound a little like a rant - and maybe it is. But there is a nugget of useful info in here, I promise.

I’ve been hearing this “people don’t want to work” line quite a bit lately and I'm aware that it is used in a manipulative way to “motivate” folks into getting back to doing jobs that don’t pay well.

Let me start by saying that nobody really wants to work. At least not in the way our society has set up the work model. It's not that people are lazy, it's just that we have awakened to the fact that working hard 40 hours a week for a less-than-standard-of-living job in order for the CFO to afford a vacation home in St Barts is not why we incarnated into this lifetime.

People are looking for something meaningful where we are acknowledged, appreciated, and of course, receiving commensurate compensation for the work that we’re doing, which will afford us a fulfilled life, which is our birthright.

This brings me to the nugget. If you are unhappy with the work you are currently doing, maybe it’s time to course correct. You could start taking classes, turn the side hustle into a main one, or find a company that is more in alignment with your values.

If you can’t or aren’t interested in doing any of these things, maybe it's just an issue of shifting perspective in looking at what you do from a place of greater service. For example, If you are doing data entry for a plumbing company, you are helping people get services for a basic need in life.

It’s time we empowered ourselves to create our version of an ideal life. You only get one shot in this incarnation, so you might as well create the most happy, comfortable, and fulfilled life as possible. We all deserve it.

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