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Don't Be a Footstool

I recently had an Akashic Records reading and the facilitator mentioned that I was a male slave back in the Elizabethan period.

Actually she said “you weren’t royalty; you were a slave.” She then paused as if to wait for my “Oh no! I wasn’t royalty?” comment.

Truth is, I couldn't care less about earthly royalty.

I do believe that we all have a Divinity and if we all have it, then there is no hierarchy. But that’s a whole other newsletter topic so back to the story.

The practitioner then tells me that “I” was at the feet of a royal woman I was serving and the feelings of shame and fear that I was emitting were visceral to her.

This former self was intensely concerned about what people were thinking of him but the truth was - they weren’t thinking anything. She goes on to say "He was so insignificant, he could have been a footstool. "

The empowering aspect of exploring the Akashic is to learn from our past lives to uncover current life lessons. But I’ll be honest in saying that this past life work, along with some ancestral exploration, has brought up quite a bit of slavery and initially that felt anything but empowering.

This discovery was starting to make me feel defeated but I soon came to the realization that in this lifetime, I’m not a slave.

I’m not here to be the footstool and I’m constantly reminded of that by my guides. I get to experience things that my past selves and ancestors could only dream of in their lifetimes.

There's a reason I was born a Sag; I'm all about freedom. I’m truly free to create whatever I desire. And therein lies the Power.

We have free will and choices. We are magical.

So when you're in a position of feeling disempowered, voiceless, victimy or stuck, ask yourself, “Am I going to be the footstool or the Queen/King?”

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