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February 2023 Business Astrology Forecast

February is full of creativity and movement for your biz.

Thanks to there being no planets in retrograde this month, February is a time of forward movement. Be open opportunities as they may come through with more ease.

While there are no planets in retrograde an asteroid known as Ceres, will be on 2/3. This placement is related to mother issues so it signals a great time to focus on nourishing the business. What does it need at this time? A site refresh? A social strategy change? Take a look at areas you may have been neglecting.

2 days later on the 5th, the full moon in Leo is prompting us to take a look at areas where you may have been holding back. Maybe it’s time to ask for help, move forward with a partnership, or start putting yourself out there on social media. Leo is super creative so start thinking of fresh ways to promote your biz. Just because one strategy worked for your competitor, doesn’t mean it will for you. (This also a nod to Aquarius season since it brings a unique vibe to the party).

Leo also asks, “How does the biz want to express joy and pleasure?” For an answer to this check out your biz’s 5th House, Leo and Taurus placements.

And speaking of Aquarius, Saturn is currently in this sign so it could be a call to look for tech solutions - especially in regards to customer service.

On the 18th we move into Pisces season which again moves us into creative exploration. And on the next day, the sign’s new moon is paving the way for us to start living the dream you see for the business.

So overall, our visions for our business are being supported but also need some nurturing and creative play.

To get more insight into how your biz wants to express itself, reach out to me for a reading Until next time!

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